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Fleurieu Living

There's something so alluring about beautifully crafted pastries. Like a sugar-coated magnet it draws you in; it's an accessible opulence you can infinitely justify to yourself. Even those of us with a savoury tooth can admire and appreciate a flawless, imaginative dessert...

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Faces and Food of the Fleurieu

More than 70 regional businesses will be featured in the book, Faces and Food of the Fleurieu, which is expected to be published around the middle of next year.

McDonald Park, who grew up on her family’s olive grove in McLaren Vale and started her own small food business making and selling cupcakes, says she had the idea for the book while on a patisserie scholarship at Le Cordon Bleu in London in 2013...


Dressed In Copper

The Fleurieu Kitchen is based in Aldinga in Mel’s giant kitchen (that just quietly i’m incredibly jealous of). I had the pleasure of sitting down with her over a cup of wildfire tea one afternoon where we talked all things baking, sweets and good lighting for instagram photos- because lets face it, no one likes a shadow on their food pictures...